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Fur-A-licious Treats

About Us

Our family has several fur-babies that we love dearly. Some of them have anxiety, skin, fur, and liver issues. As a family we tried everything that we could think of, things other people recommended, and what the veterinarian suggested. Nothing really worked for any period of time. The veterinarian finally suggested trying different dog foods with healthier ingredients. Wow! what a difference that made! Our pets are finally doing better!  We have searched high and low, trying to find treats that our pets will not only love but are also healthy for them. We found a few but there were still some ingredients that we don't give to our pets in them or they were so costly just like their pet food. So, we decided to make our own!

We did extensive research on the best ingredients to use and some different combinations, to get the best health benefits in each one. We have had several taste testers to make sure they were just as tasty too. 

Let's just say that there was a lot of trial and error! We have shared all of the treats we have made with other fur-babies, and we are sharing their favorites with your loved ones. Their parents were happy with the all-natural healthy ingredients, and the price value for these wholesome and healthy treats! We can't wait for your family to try them!

 Your fur-baby is sure to love these furalicious treats just as much as they love you !